Isn't it time we had our very own graphic identity for Nairobi?

What would this mean and why would we need it?
Indulge me for just a few minutes and let's think along together // scroll down //

Hello fellow Nairobians

Nairobi has become a perfect example of how Africa is rising. We have played a game-changing role in different leading industries and our city is now alive with fresh opportunities for citizens, visitors and investors.

There's something really special about being Nairobian — whether you're from the city or just visiting. It's the reason we stand out in a crowd. There is that special something one hears in our voice when we say "I am from Nairobi!" We are colorful, kind, hardworking and passionate. It's all part of our DNA. We don't sign on for this. It just happens.

This moment is ours!

Our city is transforming. Investors and millions of visitors are already discovering the new reality.

Its now the time for Nairobians to boldly showcase our identity to the world

Photo by Mutua Matheka

Nairobi's identity value should be enhanced by the positive experiences of it's citizens, investors, visitors and all those observing our city from a distance

I'm not entirely sure where this is headed for now. But it is my hope that we can start this conversation and think along together to further figure out what a #NairobiLove identity would mean and look like.

So why not quickly share some Nairobi Love to your network? See what they think... then continue reading and see what is in store already

Together with Mateeshoh Online, we have made the first big step and designed a few limited edition t-shirts to help spread the word. We are hoping that through this, we can better gauge how much support we'll have for Nairobi Love.


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